At Corsair we have been striving to improve our business, along with employee safety and wellbeing.

We contacted WRS, after doing some research on the internet to find a company that could assist us with three key objectives:

o Staff and factory security
o Employee attendance records
o Evacuation register

There are other companies out there, but we found that WRS’s response to questions, ability to tailor their offering to suit our requirement, and professionalism made them the clear choice to partner Corsair.

Prior to fitting they sent a surveyor out to assess the work and who gave clear instruction as to what would be required of Corsair, to enable a successful installation. We opted to install the power & comms supplies ourselves, as we had capability.
They arrived on site when they said they would, completed all of the works in a timely manner- even assisting where Corsair had made a slight error, and left us with a system that does exactly what they said it would.

Our entrance doors to both the factory, and offices are now controlled by access control. They can operate from either a 4 digit code, or a personalized fob, giving security against unauthorized entry. We now also have the ability to monitor employee attendance activity if we wish, but more importantly we have the capability to print out an evacuation register, should an emergency occur.

They gave us a day of training on how the system operates and are at the end of the phone some 2 years later to assist.
We have had no glitches or issues thus far, and have to say WRS and our contact Laura Deering made them the right choice.

The overall experience of using WRS has been very positive and I do not hesitate to recommend them!

Adrian Levin.
Operations Director.

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