Visitor Management Systems

Visitor Management Systems

WRS Solutions understands the needs and requirements of managing visitors and contractors within your business and the potential consequences which can arise from not having the correct processes in place.

Below we highlight some examples of what these systems are used for and how they can add value.

Staff & Visitors

The system itself provides a modern focal point in welcoming visitors to your company, it effortlessly signs visitors in via the console while comprehensively capturing important data and email / SMS notifications can be sent upon signing in, the option for issuing branded and photo ID is also present.

Staff can pre-register your visitors in advance to maximise and improve the experience your visitors receive.
This modern and efficient way of welcoming visitors makes a great first impression and can be tailored to include your corporate branding from business logos, terminology and core values.


The system will direct your visitors through the correct procedure to fully inform them of your H&S requirements, it will also be configured to present Site Notices and essential H&S questions to ensure that the correct detail is recorded and is subsequently available in the event of an audit.

Site and safety notices can be displayed which your visitors must accept to be able to sign in.


Staff can also use the system when arriving at or leaving work. They can use the touchscreen or can simply swipe their own RFID fobs/cards for convenience.

In the event of an emergency you are able to rapidly produce an emergency “Roll Call Report” which can either be printed or emailed. A list of visitors and staff on site can be produced at any time but the Emergency Roll Call will ensure that everybody will be evacuated in the event of a problem.
These systems are proven to enhance the visitor experience in any business and can provide you with comprehensive reporting.


The systems comprehensive contractor functionality helps to ensure Safe working practices are carried out so that your business complies with HSE Standards. Customers who require advanced Contractor management should also investigate the “Permit to Work Manager”.

Contractor specific questionnaires and notices display in detail Health & Safety information and onsite working rules. All information is stored electronically, allowing questionnaire answers and failed critical questions that have been overridden by authorized personnel to be reported on, details displayed include Photo ID and Digital signature.

Keep track of contractor’s documentation such as insurance, RAMS and inductions. Authorized certificates are verified by specific issuers before been associated with individual contractor records. “Live” alerts for users when invalid certificates are due with the ability to set tolerances/warnings for full contractor control.

The system also includes a Compliance report that shows details (questions and answers) for both the Visitor and Contractor Questionnaires for each Contractor visit. Contractor’s photo ID and digital signatures are also included.

Another use of the system that is being sought after more and more is:

Permit to work

The “Permit to Work” functionality provides full control of the permit process from creation to contractor completion and authorisation concluding with hand back process. The solution offers a complete electronic audit trail including full document management.

The Permit to Work dashboard gives a “live” snap shot of your current Permit to Work activity. All Active, Pending and Suspended Permits are visible including details of inspections, location of work and supervisors. The Dashboard highlights and alerts you to any overdue inspections, permit expires and Company or Contractor certification an information issues. Any Contractors associated with active or pending permits are highlighted accordingly.

Contractors Database

Holds all contracting company information and associated individual contractors. Certification at both levels including all associated documentation e.g. RAMS, Inductions, Public Liability etc. including advanced expiry warnings.

Verification & Validity

All eligible contractors are signed in to site with Visitor/Contractor Management and issued with visible daily ID & Permit receipt. Contractors can be fast tracked using barcode technology.

Flexible Process Control

With the system PTW full flexibility is built in as standard allowing you to implement the product to suit your current and future requirements.

These are just some examples of what can be achieved, to find out more please give us a call and we will be glad to assist further.