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Automatic number plate recognition camera systems

ANPR Camera Systems

If you are looking for an effective and efficient way to protect your premises, then an ANPR system is a great choice. Many organisations, from businesses protecting their car parks to companies installing it for tolling, overstay management, collation of site visitor’s data or customer experience, all benefit from the advantages these systems bring.

If you are looking for a high quality ANPR system, then give us a call today.  WRS Solutions are a Fully NSI Gold Accredited company working nationally with more than 20 years’ experience behind us, we are waiting to help.

WRS ANPR System in Car Park

What is an ANPR system?

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. This type of system is a very handy tool for any business to have in their armoury. It will allow you to gain accurate information to help with traffic management and vehicle recognition. It is also very useful at identifying threats from vehicles that have been banned from your premises for example. In this way, it can give a great way to keep your car park or business premises fully secure.

We have included an application study below

Waste Disposal

WRS ANPR System Software

How does it work?

The system captures an image of the vehicles number-plate and then processes the information. If the number plate captured via the camera is an authorised one, they are permitted to enter or exit your site. Naturally, this works best in conjunction with barriers or gates that can move as needed when an authorised vehicle is in the vicinity.

Even better, an ANPR system removes the need for additional cards or codes to gain access. This is a much more efficient way of managing your site traffic and avoids queues building up as people fumble in their pockets for their ID badge or ticket.

Of course, if the number plate taken is not recognised by the ANPR system then access is not permitted. In this way, it is easy to both keep an eye on what is happening and also keep your site safe. Adding in number plates to the system is simple for when a vehicle arrives that does require access.

Any other uses for an ANPR system?

At WRS we use these types of systems to specify and install many bespoke solutions which include:

Perhaps you are looking to gain more control and a better understanding of the movement of staff, visitors, deliveries and contractors entering and leaving your site. You may want to restrict outside times or tag a vehicle as a security concern if it enters your premises, you may also want to fast-track VIPs or track the times when deliveries entered and left site.

Providing commuters time savings and a more efficient method at toll stations for validating payment and vehicle types, a much quicker method than worrying about having the correct money as it can capture the licence plate number when passing and collect from a pre-registered payment card or by going online later to make a payment which is more convenient.

One of our customers said:

“We operate a toll bridge in the West of England and were looking for a solution to help control crossings better. The ANPR cameras provided by WRS gave us a cost-effective answer and their attention through installation and subsequently in ensuring the software functioned as we required in what is a tricky operating environment was excellent. I would have no hesitation recommending their services.”

There are a number of automotive organisations and dealerships that we work closely with which use our ANPR solutions to enhance the experience that their customers receive when visiting their sites.

For example, it can give a personalised welcome when arriving perhaps notifying you of a designated parking area and let key personnel know that you have arrived so they can meet and greet and not leave you looking for a reception or extend your waiting time

How can we tailor ANPR to your needs?

One of the unique selling points of our service is the way we can customise the ANPR system to your specific needs, be that single or multi-site. This means that we will tailor the software options to make them suitable for the applications you need them for. This makes it a bespoke solution catered to your traffic management and security requirements.

Hear what some of our customers have to say

“When looking for a new supplier to maintain our CCTV and intruder systems we needed a company which not only understood the world of CCTV and security, but also understood the automotive industry. With WRS Solutions we found a reliable and easy to deal with provider who have partnered with us to upgrade security measures across our sites.

WRS Solutions provide a consistent level of service and are more than capable of finding the best solutions to our business needs”

Norman A. McKeown, Head Of IT, LSH Auto UK Limited

“I am writing to express my appreciation of the effort, commitment and positive attitude demonstrated by yourself and the WRS Team leading to the to the successful outcome of the security arrangements for the SMC Marchwood project.

Port operational duties will be handed over from MOD to SGL in the very near future and i am sure the security measures put in place by WRS will meet the demanding criteria as requested by MOD and Solent Gateway Ltd”

Mark John Campbell, CalMac Ferries Ltd

“Following the installation of the system the difference was apparent with almost immediate effect. No cars were stolen and after the initial cost layout for the installation, the savings year on year over our manned guarding bills were over 90% which sounds too good to be true but that’s the reality..”

Finance Director, Stoneacre

“WRS have provided an excellent personalized service in the installation of our new site security systems, this bespoke solution is perfect for the unique needs of our business now and in the future”

Ian Jones, Site Manager , Gefco UK

“WRS Solutions are a very professional ,easy to work with company . They have a good level of expertise in their field and work to high standards. They are an excellent company to do business with .”

Richard Gruning, Managing Director, Furlong Mills Ltd

“We were initially approached by WRS to discuss our security requirements following a customer recommendation as our CCTV cameras needed upgrading and our security systems needed reviewing.

Thanks to WRS Solutions we now have a more streamline system, which is reliable and much more cost effective. We have a relationship with WRS solutions which is evolving continually and we find them approachable and responsive.”

Sharon McElroy , RC Tuxford Exports

“WRS have been a valued provider of security systems for J G Pears for a number of years now, working across multiple sites and over multiple disciplines. They have provided us with CCTV and Access Control solutions which are bespoke to suit our individual needs.

The CCTV systems which WRS have installed and maintain, have proven to be essential to monitor not only theft, but also the overview of our day to day operations such as the overview of transport movement around our site and the refuelling of our vehicles.

The systems which have been installed have 100% been beneficial to us in a number of ways and I would recommend the friendly, bespoke service which WRS Solutions provide.”

Andrew Bostock, Group Logistics Manager, JG Pears

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