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Intruder Alarms

Out intruder solutions can suit business of all sizes

Intruder Alarms

A business, whether big or small, without an intruder alarm is opening up an array of opportunities for crime and theft that will not only damage your assets but leave you with extensive losses and feeling in a very vulnerable position. No matter what budget you are working toward, our highly competent staff will create a security solution for you which will allow you to leave your business unattended in trust and confidence. Here are some of the aspects which we offer to help create the ideal intruder security package;

  • Police response- Following the regulations of ACPO (association of chief police officers) WRS offer the setup, guideline support and administration assistance to allow your business to have the police attend site as a safer option.
  • Intruder monitoring –A dedicated team member will advise the most compatible form of monitoring for your site following a free in depth survey and ensure it meets all insurance and personal requirements.
  • Wireless system- Ideal for a property that is graded or in need of obtaining an aesthetic quality, our designer can incorporate a wireless system into the proposal to meet any requests and expectations.

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