Food production demands have never been higher, the levels of security that food manufacturing requires continues to increase with the ever-growing unease of being at risk.

Without the highest levels of security in place, how can you ensure you’re protecting your people, property and your valuable business interests to safeguard consumer confidence? The smallest incident can dent a reputation in seconds, a reputation built over generations. Today, it’s important not only to ensure your production methods are secure but that you are working towards using the most innovative security products working in partnership with experts in your field.

WRS Solutions continues to work with many major names within the food production industry, we have provided bespoke security solutions for nearly 20 years, helping to alleviate some of the major problems faced within the industry daily.

We encourage you to take a few seconds to answer these following questions:

  • Can you identify volume of goods entering and leaving site?
  • Do you know which vehicles have been on your site?
  • Can you identify risk to proactively prevent lack of production, slips & trips and near misses?
  • Can you identify which members of staff are in production or protected areas?
  • Can you ensure staff are following wash / decontamination procedures?
  • Can you view all areas of production to maximise output?

The day to day peace of mind solutions can be varied, from monitoring failures on primary production lines, visual recording of the production processes to help prevent and review contamination or sabotage to secondary prevention of excessive downtime where manufactures can incur excessive penalties for lost production, all have the end goal of helping them demonstrate the highest standards of production and security.

With technology that is continually innovative our bespoke CCTV solutions not only provide full coverage of your external business areas, but also internal food preparation, production spaces, packaging and so much more; safeguarding all aspects of the production process.

WRS have the expertise to deliver security and surveillance systems including the latest CCTV video analytics, access control and biometrics, intrusion detection and barriers / turnstiles designed to cover all aspects of your business.

Using our intelligent detection systems we can help and support you to define clear go and no go zones and perimeters for staff, deliver alerts if and when contravened, as well as detecting anyone who may not have authorisation to be on the site to help protect and avoid any type of food contamination, or on the unfortunate event where a surveillance only system was unable to prevent a contamination or health and safety non-conformance, we will provide you with evidence and analytics to prove with no doubt – what had occurred.

With our customers at the forefront of everything we do, your solution will be unique to you, fulfilling your current needs and with continued care and upkeep our team of experts are always on hand to meet the future demands of you everchanging business.

If you haven’t done so already some benchmarks you may want to consider:

  • Appoint a person or committee to be responsible for the oversight of your security program.
  • Create and implement an incident reporting procedure and investigate all actual or potential security breaches.
  • Develop a comprehensive security awareness and training program for all employees and contractors.
  • Establish a security recordkeeping system.
  • Implement an effective internal and external access control system to prevent unauthorised entry and to channel authorised persons to appropriate checkpoints for screening.
  • Develop a crisis management plan to cover common emergencies (e.g., contamination, threat of contamination, breach of security, etc.).
  • Implement compliance and quality assurance programs to validate security effectiveness.

Monitoring food production:

With an intelligent, integrated security and surveillance system you can also help you monitor and verify statutory compliance at critical stages of manufacture. Health and safety breaches can be identified and are more easily addressed.

Ensure you have a solution in place that compliments your brand, takes the headaches out of day to day challenges, a solution specifically focused on your business.

For further information and answers to any questions you may have on your current system or future needs please contact David Pyper.

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