Eaton MEDC is an organisation built on innovation, performance and safety. Designing and manufacturing bespoke notification equipment to international standards is where they excel. During the midst of a Global Pandemic, this passion for innovation had never been as critical as they looked for a solution to keep their staff safe.

The challenge

Based at Sutton in Ashfield, Nottingham, MEDC is part of Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Business and currently employs around 180 people. Aware of the imminent Government guidelines for essential businesses, Eaton wanted to take a proactive and aggressive approach to finding the right solution to protect their staff and allow the company to continue its essential operations safely.

The system they needed had to be efficient – hand-testing a workforce of that size would not be practical. Accuracy was also a huge factor in their search – the system needed to parallel the standard they deliver on their own products and offer the level of accuracy they were willing to accept.

In addition to the above, time was a critical factor and a rapid deployable system was essential. If the solution was suitable, it could be deployed across their divisions and they needed a system that could be installed quickly.

The solution

With a clear understanding of the system requirements, our experienced Sales Director educated the client on industry leading technology. Due to the nature of the requirement, WRS took a collaborative approach to ensure the final solution not only met their requirements, but was able to seamlessly integrate into their daily processes without disruption. It was decided the most pragmatic approach for the site was preliminary screening of its’ staff before they entered the facility and interacted with others.

The Result

The solution delivered exceeded the criteria outlined, operating as a preliminary screening tool it allows management to identify up to 30 individuals at any one time with a raised temperature as they enter the building. Live alerts sent to the operator enables immediate action to be taken before contact with others occurs.

The system is one of the most accurate on the market, operating within parameters of 0.3 degrees which meet international clearance. In addition, the software allows Eaton to record an audit trail during activations, including steps taken to assist with health, safety and welfare compliance.

WRS Engineers preconfigured the system for MEDC Sutton in Ashfield and a number of other Eaton sites across the UK. The result of this was sites were able to set up the camera, black body calibrator and monitor with ease and had WRS engineering support on hand when required.

Ultimately, the system gives Eaton exactly what they were looking for – a solution that compliments their approach to safety in all aspects of their business. As is prevalent throughout their organisation, the system allows them to deal with challenges the way they do best – with innovation and action.

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