CCTV Video Analytics


One of the high-end options for a security surveillance system includes video analytics which is widely used across many industries and sectors to enhance their on-site security. This impressive technology has an extensive array of features that ensure a proactive system is continuously running on site to prevent, deter, detect and analyse important factors. Other features and benefits of analytics include;

  • A considerable reduction in reaction time
  • Essentially becomes a 24/7 virtual on-site guard
  • Covers areas and perimeters that can’t be detected by PIR’s
  • Completely adaptable and operates via commands set according to on site requirements


Practical uses of a “Video Analytics” system can include;

  • To analyse the area and detect the addition or removal of an object.
  • To detect and track the desired pre-set bespoke algorithms relating to either people, vehicles or animals or a combination of, these can also be omitted dependent upon site requirements.
  • To detect if people, vehicles or objects remain in an area for a specific amount of time either loitering or parking in sensitive areas.
  • The creation of a “virtual tripwire” to further enhance the security of a perimeter.


Please take a look at this video clip of the technology in action . . .


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