Ashland, a pure, specialty chemicals company with a singular focus on making their customers more successful and the world a better place, had this to say about the services of WRS Solutions.

A site security audit at our Newton Aycliffe facility showed that some improvements were needed;

Additional palisade fencing (to secure the facility boundary)

A fob access / egress system including video communication with external doors (to restrict access to non-authorised persons)

Addition of automatic sliding gates (to allow vehicle access through the facility boundary)

Addition of fob activated pedestrian gates (to allow access to staff)

Addition of window security screening (to block view into works but allowing light in and view out)

After contacting many local security companies for quotes it became apparent that non could offer all as a package and that management of these upgrades would become very time consuming, coordinating different suppliers to work together.

However, after contacting WRS they offered a one stop shop for all our requirements with the addition of a project manager to oversee the instillation of all upgrades.

WRS quote for the works was comparable and in some cases a little cheaper than quotes we had received from single item suppliers.

The time frame in which we agreed to have the work done did run over by two weeks but that was down to the weather, frozen ground and 6 inches of snow, minimal time was spent overseeing installation operations as the project manager ran everything like clockwork.

the installation of these upgrades happened over 1 year ago, at that time we also chose to go ahead with a service agreement for the maintenance of the Paxton fob access system.

From start to finish we have found WRS to be friendly, reliable and efficient always having engineers available to address any teething issues we had, in fact working with WRS is going that well we recommended them to one of our sister sites in Kidderminster where they also installed security gates.

Mike Lowe

Site Manager

Ashland Newton Aycliffe

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