We see many companies who can fit CCTV, intrusion detection or access systems etc out there, so what differentiates us from the run of the mill installer?

Firstly, we don’t class ourselves as a provider of security products, WRS work to deliver solutions. We of course use products but it is in the bespoke application, concept and design where we truly shine as a business.
For over 20 years we have proudly retained some of the best technical minds within the industry allowing WRS to alleviate some of the more complex challenges facing UK companies in modern times.

From the needs of multi-site organisations spread throughout the country looking to centrally control their security operations, to the integration of multiple types of security measures allowing for a more effective, streamlined and manageable solution.
The bespoke way in which WRS tailors to a clients needs has seen us using our systems in many ways which differ to the traditional security concept, examples range from process management on production lines to cutting down on the cost of false accident claims while promoting a safer workplace.

But its not just about our technical capabilities, WRS are NSI Gold accredited meaning that as well as having a quality standard of specification and installation, our internal processes and customer relationships are also of a very high level, and as it is often the case that a company’s security system should be installed by an NSI accredited company,and as such our gold status will ensure these boxes are ticked.

These standards also fit neatly into our own company values of INTEGRITY, TRUST, CONSISTENCY, PARTNERSHIP and INNOVATION.

Should you wish to discuss how we can turn your problems into solutions, we would be more than happy to chat or provide a free site security review.