Are you having a shutdown this Christmas?


We have outlined below a few simple things that you can use as a checklist, you can also use the link below to download this as a PDF!

• Carry out a risk assessment of your site to identify any potential risks.
• Test security systems to check alarms and cameras are in full working order.
• Have you notified your monitoring station of any changes to arm and disarm times or procedures?
• Create an amended list of available on-call staff to deal with any activations.
• Check perimeter of site is fully secure and external storage and garages are securely locked.
• Make sure wheelie bins etc around site are stored away so they cannot be used to climb to areas for easier access.
• Don’t leave items of value visible from your fence-line.
• Try to ensure there are no unnecessary vehicles left on site.
• Test fire alarms are fully functional.
• Where possible ensure all non-critical electrical items are switched off.
• Ensure the minimal amount of combustible materials will be left outdoors and away from any perimeter fences.
• Conduct a final sweep of the building ensuring all doors and windows are locked.



Link to PDF . . . . . . .  Shutdown Checklist